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Bleach: 1x142

Strict Order! The Forbidden Rescue of Orihime Inoue

Ichigo wakes up and finds his hand healed. Realizing it was Orihime he is joined by Hitsugaya who tells him that something urgent has happened. Ichigo finds that Orihime has either been kidnapped or killed by an Arrancar. He says no because his hand was healed. Commander Yamamoto says that it means that she joined of her own will and is a traitor. He calls back Hitsugaya’s group to Soul Society to prepare for the battle. Now alone, Ichigo must know find a way to get to Hueco Mundo by himself.

Assistir Bleach: 1×142 Online Gratis

Assistir Bleach: 1×142 Online, lançado em Sep. 26, 2007 disponivel para você assistir quando e onde quiser.

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