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Bleach: 1x195

The Ultimate Union! Pesche's Seriousness

Neliel finishes calling out her sword, Gamuza, and transforms into a white centaur. Before finishing her opponent, she suddenly transforms back to her child form. Meanwhile, Pesche Guatiche and Dondochakka Bilstin fight Szayel, using their Bawabawa. Pesche takes out his sword, Ultima, as he lands a strike on Szayel. As the fights go on, Dondochakka takes out his club to help out. Pesche and Dondochakka use their ultimate attack, “cero sincrecito”, a combination of Dondochakka and Pesche’s cero. Szyael manages to render their attack ineffective, and prepares to finish them off. Meanwhile, the Exequias prepare to kill Gantenbaine and Chad, and Zommari prepares to kill Rukia. Nnoitra sends Tesla to finish off Ichigo, and he releases his zanpakuto, turning into a large minotaur. Before Tesla can do so, 11th Divison Captain Kenpachi Zaraki stops him.

Assistir Bleach: 1×195 Online Gratis

Assistir Bleach: 1×195 Online, lançado em Nov. 18, 2008 disponivel para você assistir quando e onde quiser.

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