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Bleach: 1x206

The Past Chapter Begins! The Truth from 110 Years Ago

This episode takes place in Soul Society 110 years ago. Most of the Captains have gathered to celebrate the promotion of the 12th Squad Captain to the Royal Guard, known as Zero Squad. Meanwhile, Yoruichi (currently the Captain of Second Squad) has recommended her Third Officer, Urahara Kisuke for the now vacant position. However, Soi Fon is not happy about this and follows Urahara in an attempt to prove he is unworthy of the position. Yoruichi hears of this and mistakenly thinks that Soi Fon has a crush on Urahara. Because of this Yoruichi arranges for her to attend the Captain’s Qualification Exam to watch him in action. Although Urahara, is delayed in getting to the exam because of having to capture a group of deserters he makes it in time and manages to pass. As such Urahara Kisuke is appointed as the new Captain of the 12th squad, although vice-captain Aizen Sousuke is less than pleased.

Assistir Bleach: 1×206 Online Gratis

Assistir Bleach: 1×206 Online, lançado em Feb. 10, 2009 disponivel para você assistir quando e onde quiser.

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