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Bleach: 1x213

The Konso Cop Karakuraizer is Born

Going back to the time when Ichigo, Uryu, and Chad left the real world for Hueco Mundo with Kisuke’s help, the main focus is now directed to the events that took place in Karakura town during the previous arc. Kisuke feels that Karakura town needs protection against hollows now that Ichigo left. In one night, he came up with the idea to create a fun way to protect the town, which was to force Kon into a team of hollow fighting super heroes called “Soul Burial Detective, Karakura Riser”. Once Kon gets used to his new hero suit, he meets the rest of the team which includes Don Kanonji, Tatsuki, Chizuru, Keigo, and Ururu. After a successful fight with hollows, the team encounters a woman who appears to be an arrancar.

Assistir Bleach: 1×213 Online Gratis

Assistir Bleach: 1×213 Online, lançado em Mar. 31, 2009 disponivel para você assistir quando e onde quiser.

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