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Bleach: 1x225

Vice-Captains Annihilated! The Terrifying Demonic Beast

Matsumoto and Hinamori are terrified of Allon. Allon is too strong for both of them so he quickly beats them. Luckily, Kira and Hisagi arrive for help. Kira heals Hinamori’s and Matsumoto’s injuries while Hisagi is struggling with Allon. Iba comes to help but is very quickly taken care of. All the hope seems to be lost for Kira when Allon comes for him but suddenly Captain Yamamoto arrives, and slays Allon along with his creators. Meanwhile, Lilynette, Ukitake, Stark and Kyouraku continue their fights.

Assistir Bleach: 1×225 Online Gratis

Assistir Bleach: 1×225 Online, lançado em May. 23, 2009 disponivel para você assistir quando e onde quiser.

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